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Work Portfolio

Production|Social Strategy|Project Management 


Pain Point 

A financial news-focused podcast needed help in better creating digestible social media content that would engage audiences and help drive follower loyalty and growth.


  1. Develop multiple verticals of content that allowed the podcast hosts' personalities to shine through via the social media assets created. 

  2. Create different mediums of social assets that could diversify social media presence across various platforms. 

  3. Relate current trending conversations with the newly developed content strategies that'll allow the podcast to gain traction and hypothetically trend on Twitter.

  4. Develop a blueprint that educates and entertains the audience with bite-size financial news to increase economics literacy

  5. Download Robinhood Snacks Creative Brief 

EBONY .png

Pain Point 

A legacy brand that needed to create a refreshed impression within the publishing market through social strategies. Contribute to growth & engagement among boomers, millennials & Gen Z. A brand that didn't have a clear direction in content focus for the new digital scope could still align with its original mission.


  1. Provided a successful blueprint that could grow the social media channels by 1M (organically) across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

  2. Streamlined partnerships with Red Table Talk, Queen Sugar, Greenleaf & more, cultivating social media communities that engaged fandoms and created loyalty between EBONY and social media audiences. 

  3. Increased both younger and male demographic through partnerships with NBA & developing social media strategies that engaged male leads from film, music & sports. 

  4. Redirected the companies content focus from celebrity-driven gossip to community-driven news sources that separated the brand from competition like ESSENCE, Complex, VIBE & The Root. 

  5. Identified the missing pieces in our social media strategies that allowed all generations of our audiences to feel both heard and seen. 

  6. Created relationships amongst all the award season Goliaths in order to infiltrate and amplify the EBONY brand. 

  7. Download EBONY Data Story Telling Deck

EBONY .png

Pain Point 

A legacy brand that needed to create buzz-worthy marketing tentpoles that could relate to their magazine releases, converting loyal customers into digital subscribers as the brand moved into the digital marketing environment. Through social strategies, the brand needed campaigns that were trendy, engaging, and meaningful. 


  1. Created digital campaigns that were heavily influencer and celebrity-driven. 

  2. The combined forces of micro and macro-influencers and celebrities allowed the brand to market across multiple social media channels, refreshed the brand for boomers, and surged new followers of the Gen Z and millennial population. 

  3. #EBONYVOTE created a focus on the vital importance of mid-term elections. Both young & mature political and entertainment influencers joined the cause, solidifying EBONY as a cultural leader during essential moments for the black and brown community. 

  4. Reframed the marketing strategies for some of our legacy programmings like HBCU Campus Kings & Queens, a more hands-on approach to engaging contestants through means of social media and community management.

  5. Download EBONY Produced Social Asset & Work Portfolio


Pain Point 

A genealogy company is seeking some new social strategies that can better cater to the younger generations in driving their curiosity in learning about their genetic history.


  1. Developed various social media-driven marketing campaigns primarily focused on YT video production. 

  2. Increased brand visibility and relevancy by combining influencer-driven campaigns with game show-inspired content strategies. 

  3. Researched and provided publishing partnerships better to amplify the Ancestry brand in a non-aggressive manner 

  4. Developed social media content strategies that touched base with out of the box topics like obituaries, animals, art & more 

  5. Download Ancestry Ideation Process


Pain Point 

A legacy brand launching a brand refresh to align with the culture's current trends. An intention to empower young women and showcase pageant contestants as more than just women with a crown. The brand wanted its social media presence to align with that new mission statement. 


  1. ​Content production refresh would allow Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, all young black women to promote themselves as both leaders & young black women who were in touch and engaged with what is going on in the world. 

  2. A heavy black history month focused discussions via Instagram and Twitter that would engage new audiences to witness young black women with their new platform discussing the good, bad & ugly of their cultural experiences domestically and nationally. 

  3. Infused current trends on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and aligning their social media content to amplify their brands and bring about new discussions for both new and loyal audiences. 

  4. New & more reactive Tik Tok productions that catered to the Gen Z population 


Pain Point 
Creating a relevant social media campaign highlighting the importance of mental health through laughter, thrifting & healthy ways of coping shared by various influencers. #MARCHON   


  1. Researched young black female graphic illustrators that could create an authentic GIPHY inspired timeline of historical events that led to the iconic "I Have a Dream" by MLK to showcase across Twitter and GIPHY

  2. Created multiple GIFS and stickers to market across social media to promote the virtual March On Washington 

  3. Developed a thorough strategy outline that would promote the historical significance of the march through Instagram & Twitter 


Pain Point 

Creating a relevant social media campaign highlighting the importance of mental health through laughter, thrifting & healthy ways of coping shared by various influencers. #WITHME  


  1. Researched influencers, both macro & micro, that could relate to finding positive ways to dealing with mental health during phase 1 of COVID-19 

  2. Creative scripts that allowed influencers to openly share their stories through means of social media about their highs & lows

  3. Managed the entire workflow from strategy => production => execution of the digital campaign 

  4. Provided YT community management team with multiple engagement responses during the campaign that aligned with the brand


Pain Point 

A non-profit group formed by hospitality professionals to aid & educate restaurant workers. They needed social media strategies that'll engage and grow their audiences organically. COVID-19 has impacted the tourism and restaurant industry significantly & RWCF needs help in driving awareness on their various relief programs and getting the information out to their communities.  


  1. Developed short & long-form copywriting that introduced relief programs that aided restaurant workers nationwide. 

  2. Collaborated with RWCF team in marketing content across multiple social media channels & sparking organic conversations over the growing concerns of hospitality professionals impact by business shutdowns 


Pain Point 

Biden's social media campaign team needed a more hands-on approach to connecting with social audiences across the board. The LatinX, black and brown & LGBTQIA communities needed more visibility and engagement from the team to secure their votes.    



  1. Created better community management techniques that would better engage voters and develop loyalty with the Biden campaign. 

  2. Created a micro-influencer strategy that would allow community leaders within primary voting counties to engage the Biden campaign and open dialogue amongst voters & the influencers in support of the Biden ticket. 

  3. Researched the unfavorable content that didn't align with the Biden campaign communities trying to reach this video content strategy.

  4. Created an aggressive and newfound approach to diversifying social media content on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook that better aligned with the voting communities in favor of the democratic candidate. 

  5. Download Biden Campaign Brief

  6. Download Biden Campaign Deck

Harlem Shake logo.jpeg

Pain Point 

In NYC, the casual burger joint needed to find new & engaging ways to connect with their social media audiences during COVID-19. A refresh on their Mr/Miss Harlem Shake contest across Instagram and Twitter channels.


  1. Developed a slight lift on the brand's tone via social media copy via Instagram, finding opportunities to align the brand with social media trending topics via Twitter. 

  2. Ideated new content ideas for seasonal items that the brand wanted to market via social media. 

  3. Collaborated and brought forth some new video formats that showcased the brand in a different lens, developing a better relationship with loyal customers 


Pain Point 

A new zero-proof beverage wanted to market itself in NYC as a fun but still attractive alternative to the average city dweller. The brand wanted to become a household name for individuals who thrived in a sobriety lifestyle and cater to the market who celebrated mindfulness, health & a mind/body/soul connection.  


  1. Created content mood boards that would give the brand an attractive eye on Instagram; our social media audiences are customers but also seek the brands' social media for insight, motivation & peace of mind on any given day. 

  2. Developed a tone for the brand through social media copy that embodied the posh but well-mannered, next-door neighbor, the highbrow friend you never knew you needed. 

  3. Created social media concepts for the IG story that would highlight the brand with influencer partnerships, creating an engaging space of creativity and celebrating uniqueness from such partnerships

Logo copy.png

Pain Point 

Song Pop 2, a gaming app that needed to bridge its download strengths with aggressive marketing tactics through influencer partnerships. 


  1. Identified the social media markets that the company needed to seek as primary micro-influencers with "bigger bang for your buck." 

  2. Streamlined the workflow from sales to production to execution with a post mortem review of each digital campaign that ran its course

  3. Identified the significance in stacking influencers on the same day during a video campaign for the gaming app which led to monstrous download numbers for the company 

  4. Created a foundational workflow that allowed the company to handle their influencer better spend & better manage social media budgeting month over month

  5. Hybridized sales and social media production departments to better allow a free-flowing stream of partnerships and digital campaign project completions.

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